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Judges Forced To Dismiss Student Loan Debt

Thousands of students may have their student loan debt dismissed in court, because the original paperwork was lost. Typically student loan payments start after the student graduates from college. Sometimes the student loan payments may start immediately if the student...

Hidden Ways Math Helps Us In Everyday Life

Certainly it is no secret that while some people love and excel at math, there are other individuals who hate the subject to the core. Regardless of what your sentiments are toward the topic, you cannot deny math’s importance in everyday life. There is math in...

Should Algebra Be Necessary to Obtain a Degree?

According to Rosanna Xia and Teresa Watanabe of the LA Times, educators in California are currently debating the level of math necessary for a student to attain an associate degree or transfer to a four-year college. This is according to an article by Rosanna Xia and...

9 Activities To Keep Kids’ Brains Active In Summer

School year schedules keep students busy with a wide variety of educational and extra-mural activities. These include sports practices, classes, homework, club meetings and more. Summertime, on the other hand, is a time for fun, recreation and relaxation. Yet, it does...
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