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Manhattan Beach SeagullsDo you think that school is tougher now, than it ever has been before? This has been a topic of hot debate in recent years. Some parents believe that since children now have such advanced technology, that school should be much easier than when they were growing up.

While that is a fair point, we can probably all agree that modern education comes with its fair share of challenges. The very technology that makes studying easier, also provides an astronomical amount of distractions. Whether it’s the plethora of social media platforms, video sharing websites, text messages, or just regular web surfing – there are a lot of captivating activities that are vying for our children’s attention.

We also understand how difficult it is being a parent in California today. With California’s cost of living, a lot of parents spend more time working than they would like to. At REACH Professional In-Home Tutoring we provide top notch private tutors in Manhattan Beach that will come to your residence. You won’t have to drop them off or pick them up from a facility; our credentialed teachers will give your children their full attention in the privacy of your own home.  Call us now if you want to help your child catch up, keep up, and move ahead!

Math Tutors

Have you ever glanced at your child’s math homework, and it looked like hieroglyphics to you? Rest assured, this is a common issue. Whether it is algebra, calculus, geometry or trigonometry, or common core math, we have private math tutors standing by that know these subjects like the back of their hand.

Common Core Tutors

The common core standards have been controversial since their inception. Common core math and English can be difficult for parents to decipher if you’re not used to working with the material. This new teaching style has definitely been a bumpy road, but rest assured that our common core tutors are well versed in the new standards.

Reading and Writing Tutors

Some folks call it English, language arts, or simply reading and writing. No matter what you call it, it is critically important that your child doesn’t fall behind when it comes to reading and writing. If a student doesn’t have a strong working knowledge of language arts, it puts them at a disadvantage in all of their other classes. Our reading and writing tutors will tailor a tutoring program specifically to fit the needs of your student.

Science Tutors

Science classes don’t leave much room for error. Subjects such as physics, biology, earth science and chemistry are very challenging. We often see that students who fall behind in science need our assistance with note taking, homework help, and time management skills.

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