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With the full implementation of new Common Core standards statewide in 2014 and online summative assessments that actually mattered being launched in 2015, many educators, students, parents, and administrators statewide struggled to adapt to all the changes upon them. Teachers worked together to make sense of the new standards. They had to learn new ways of teaching – far different from how they learned as youngsters themselves. Districts and administrators nationwide sought out meaningful common-core aligned curriculum that was worthy of the spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. And parents? Parent groups seemed to struggle the most. Some were outraged. Others were confused. Some embraced the new standards.

 Now, it’s been a couple of years and things are settling down a little. Teachers are getting the hang of things. Textbook publishers are finally creating new materials. Districts offer continued training and time for educators to improve their instructional practices. Parents are seeking out ways to help their students. That’s where REACH comes in.

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As a veteran-educator of sixteen years, and mom of three school-aged children herself, the REACH Orange County Senior Regional Director, knows all too well the struggles parents are dealing with. She has been with REACH since its inception and became a Regional Director in 2008. At REACH, we pride ourselves in hiring only the best tutors – seeking out those with an advanced understanding of the Common Core Standards. REACH works closely with our team of Educational Specialists to consult with new REACH families and to match Orange County students with the best tutors in the business. All of our Orange County tutors are highly qualified educators who have either years of classroom experience or a teaching credential – and in many cases, both.
                REACH OC has proven itself as a force to be reckoned with in the face of Common Core adversity. The passionate educators contracted as a part of this educational team work diligently to provide the best tutoring experience for their clients. Nikki provides parents with an open line of communication at all times, ensuring that their children’s needs are being met. Her team has helped hundreds of children grasp difficult concepts, ace tests, increase SAT scores, and become confident, eager scholars. The Common Core Standards are no match for this knowledgeable, passionate team of educators!

The following is a list of the subjects and course material that we can help your child with:


Math Tutors – Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Geometry


Reading Tutors – English Reading Comprehension, Writing, Essays, Grammar, Composition


Foreign Language Tutors – Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)


Learning Disabilities Tutors – ADD, ADHD, Autism, Special Needs, Dyslexia


Study Skills – Note Taking, Organization, Time Management, Listening Skills, Eliminating Test Anxiety


Homework Tutors – All subjects, Grade School, Middle School, High School, AP Classes, College Classes


College Prep Tutors – SAT and ACT test prep tutors. Improve your child’s SAT or ACT scores with individual attention.

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