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REACH Professional In-Home Tutoring is California’s premier private in-home tutoring service. REACH provides affordable tutoring that gets results. We are a California based company managed by experienced educators who understand California school standards.

We operate under a simple philosophy that has proven successful for hundreds of children. We provide private one-on-one tutoring using professional teachers who are academically qualified with proven teaching experience as well as a strong desire to help children grow.

Imagine having your child in the class with no other students. A teacher dedicated to your child’s success. That is what we do. And we get results! Every penny invested in your child’s educational achievement is directed at getting results for your child alone.

Your child will have a REACH team supporting him or her. A local Educational Director will meet with you and your child prior to tutoring and will remain vigilant in tracking the progress of your student. The teacher who tutors your student multiple times each week will be in constant communication with you regarding progress as well as the Educational Director to report needs and achievement as well as suggest any program changes needed to improve results.

Our Process

Upon enrollment in REACH, our local Educational Director will meet with you and your child. A short assessment and interview takes place giving REACH the opportunity to identify the learning style and study habits of your student as well as set goals and objectives with both the student and parents. This helps us in assigning the teacher best suited to meet your child’s educational needs and developing a program specifically designed for your student to bring about both short-term and long-term success.

During the first tutoring session the tutor will give the student an academic assessment to determine their specific tutoring needs in each subject area and to provide a baseline to measure progress as your child achieves certain benchmarks.

The Educational Director and your child’s tutor work together to provide the best tutoring possible for your child. Progress is monitored by both regularly so that your child will build confidence and achieve academic success.

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