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Private Tutoring

  • Private tutoring offers the student the teacher’s complete attention and allows the teacher to teach to the learning style of that specific child.
  • Bonding between student and teacher happens quickly in this environment.
  • Progress is usually at a much quicker pace.


In-Home Tutoring

  • More comfortable and less stressful than a crowded learning center.
  • Individual schedule to meet students/family needs.
  • Additional time can often be added to support difficult assignments or test prep.
  • No peer pressure.


We will never use high pressure to lock you into long term contracts

  • Month by month program.
  • No commitment of thousands of dollars for a one size fits all program.


We will work with you child’s school curriculum

  • If a child is struggling with a specific subject, bringing in a new and different curriculum adds more stress on the student.
  • Reinforces what your student needs for district and state requirements, as well as classroom tests.
  • Allows your REACH tutor and the classroom teacher to work as a team.


REACH tutors are all highly qualified professional teachers
that either:

  • are credentialed teachers
  • have classroom teaching experience
  • have professional experience in the field of study being tutored


REACH gives two assessments; Learning Style and Academic

  • The Learning Style Assessment is given by the Educational Director during the in-home consultation.
    • The Educational Director spends time with the child and family in their home environment.
    • This allows us to match the best tutor for your child’s learning style.
    • Parents do not need to travel to a learning center for an initial consultation.
  • The Academic Assessment is given in-home, by the tutor that actually teaches your child.
    • This gives us a baseline to monitor the progress of your child.
    • Parents do not need to drive to a learning center for assessments or tutoring.
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