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Disneyland Funds Anaheim Science Education Program

The Orange County Department of Education–OCDE–has teamed up with Disneyland Resorts to launch a program bringing hands-on science lessons to elementary school youngsters in Anaheim, California. The program is led by the Traveling Scientists from the school district's...

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Student Loan Forgiveness Rule to be Enacted Immediately

Last  Tuesday, a federal judge ordered that the United States Department of Education, headed by Betsy DeVos, must immediately implement a student loan forgiveness rule created under the presidency of Barack Obama. Betsy DeVos, the US Secretary of Education, was...

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Governor Rejects Bill to Delay School Start Time

The hotly debated Senate Bill 328 was rejected on Thursday by California Governor, Jerry Brown, who vetoed the Bill despite opposition from school boards, teachers, and private tutors in Orange County. The legislation would have delayed school start times in...

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Betsy Devos Loses Lawsuit

United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, recently failed to win a suit brought against her by the District of Columbia–as well as 19 states in the union–known as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. United States Department of Education. The lawsuit brought...

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