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Los Angeles Unified School District’s New Superintendent

What Does a Superintendent do? The superintendent’s primary role is to create policies and develop programs to improve educational standards and performance throughout the district. It’s estimated that the Los Angeles Unified School District has over 640,000...

California’s Teacher Shortage

The Recession Ever since the recession began in 2007, it’s been difficult for California teachers to find jobs. The recession left an estimated 32,000 educators unemployed. As a private tutoring service, we receive a lot of applications from veteran teachers who are...

Smarter Balanced Assessments

Starting in late 2016, California will administer a computer based test to students in grades three through eight and eleven.  This test, named Smarter Balanced Assessments, is more aptly aligned with California’s demanding new testing program named: California...

Common Core FAQ’s

  We talk with a lot of parents who are understandably frustrated that they can’t help their children with their math homework. We thoroughly understand this frustration, and that’s why we would like to use our blog as a platform to address some of the...
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